Roman Blinds

Roman blind image

As standard, our roman blinds have thermal blackout lining; are self-pocketed; and finished to the face fabric with a discreet stab stitch instead of the lines of stitching running across the blinds. They are made with a straight stack, where the cascades of fabric are concealed. All our Roman Blinds come on an all enclosed chain mechanism. Larger blinds are provided with a gear to support the weight of the blind.

Roman blinds fitted inside the window recess are easier to fit and are better for light exclusion. However, fitted outside the recess the blind can be mounted higher than the window to maximise light from the window when the blind is stacked open.


Measuring for Roman Blinds

The two measurements that we require to make a roman blind are:

  • The finished blind width
  • The finished blind length

Blinds can be fitted either inside or outside the window recess.
It is important to decide where you want your blinds fitted before measuring for them.


Blinds Outside a Window Recess

Outside window recess image

Decide by how far you want the fabric of the blind to overlap the recess. This is usually a minimum of 5cm on all sides (your windows sill width is often a good guide). Measure the length from top to bottom of the window plus the overlap (W-X). Measure the width plus the overlap (Y-Z).

Blinds Inside a Window Recess

Inside window recess image

Make sure that the recess is free of obstruction and has at least 7.5cm depth to accommodate the blind's operating mechanism. Measure the length from the top to the bottom of the recess (A-B) Measure the width of the recess (C-D) Reduce the width measurement by 1.5cm to allow the blind to fit in the recess. We recommend reducing the drop by approximately 1cm to allow for clearance on the windowsill.

Tools for measuring image

Toolkit Required

  • Tape measure
  • Pencil/Marker
  • Screwdriver
  • Masonary Drill (if Drilling into masonary)
  • Spirit level (eyesight will suffice)
  • Brackets and screws supplied
  • Wall Plugs

Other things to consider are:

  • Do you want to your blind to be face fixed to the window or top fixed?
    Top fixing is useful for clearance if you have window furniture.

  • Do you want your chain to be on the left or the right hand side?
    All of our blinds come with a simple safety cover to hold the chain control to the window frame or wall. Follow the instructions below to fit the safety cover.

    All our Roman blinds are supplied with an all enclosed head rail system with a side winding chain control, with universal top or back fix brackets. A safety device is also supplied with the blind, which should be fitted as directed in the fitting instructions below.

We supply universal brackets which can be top fix or back fixed.


Fitting Roman Blinds

Fitting guide image 1

Measure the length of the blind and then mak out bolt ends on the required area as shown.

Fitting guide image 2

Drill the holes required.

Fitting guide image 3

Attach both of the fixings.

Fitting guide image 3

Push the panel into the bracket as shown.

Fitting guide image 3

Push the switch round to clip in place.

Fitting guide image 6

Safety Bracket

  1. Open the tie down clip and insert the ball chain loop.
  2. Mark the screw position leaving a gap of approx. 10mm between the ball chain and inside of the clip.
  3. Secure the clip in position using the screw and cap provided.

WARNING: Young Children can strangle in the loop of pull cords, chains & tapes, and chains that operate window coverings. Please keep cords out of reach of young children.