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Pencil Pleat

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3" Pleat

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6" Pleat


Pencil pleat curtains come in a few sizes and here at Fabric & Co. we recommend 3" (7.6cm) for smaller and shorter curtains or 6" (15.2cm) for longer and thicker curtains. They can be hung from both a track and a pole and look equally as good. Here at Fabric & Co. we always calculate at least double the fullness to ensure the curtains are gathered proportionately to the size of the window.

We always recommend that your pole or track is fitted first. This makes it easier to measure your width and drop. Fitting can be unpredictable depending on various factors including steel lintels, crumbly walls, water/electric pipes etc. These factors can often dictate the position of the pole or track which is why it always worth fitting first.



Fitting for Pencil Pleat

1. Each curtain needs to be gathered to half the width of the pole or track with a little extra for overlap and return to the wall

E.g. Pole/Track width = 150cm each curtain needs to be gathered to 75cm + 5cm central overlap and 5cm approximate return (depending on projection of the pole or track. Therefore each curtain 85cm

Fitting guide image 1

2. Pull the loose tape strings (these will be on the outer edge of the curtain tape). Gather up the heading until you reach the required width.)

Fitting guide image 2

3. You can then tie the strings with a slip knot or loose knot (you may need to undo this if you clean or store curtains at any point). The spare string can then be tucked neatly into the bag.

Fitting guide image 3

4. Even out the pleats across the width of the curtain & then put the hooks provided into the heading tape. The heading tape has different positions to place the hook so ensure when measuring you work out where you would like the top of the curtain to start i.e. on the pole, underside of pole or underside of ring - this is your personal preference and dictates where you put the hook. Most often the hook goes on the first or second row. - 1 hook per 10cm (4") is a rough guide starting 5cm (2") approx from each side.

Pencil and tape measure

Toolkit Required

  • Tape measure
  • Pencil/Marker

WARNING: Young Children can strangle in the loop of pull cords, chains & tapes, and chains that operate window coverings. Please keep cords out of reach of young children.