Hand Finished Headings

Double, Triple & Goblet Pleat

Double Pleat image

Double Pleat

Triple Pleat image

Triple Pleat

Goblet Pleat image

Goblet Pleat


To create a hand finished heading, the correct fullness is required to ensure the pleats and spaces are even.
Fabric & Co finishes the curtains to the highest possible standard, using a 6" buckram to stiffen and supports the pleats, creating a solid platform for the 'pin hooks' which are used to hang the curtain.

We always recommend that your pole or track is fitted first. This makes it easier to measure your width and drop. Fitting can be unpredictable depending on various factors including steel lintels, crumbly walls, water/electric pipes. These factors can often dictate the position of the pole or track which is why it always worth fitting first.


Fitting Guide

Fitting guide image 1 - hooks

1. Lay the curtains on a flat surface and make sure all pleats are accompanied by a pin hook. (Fabric & Co. will provide the pin hooks already pinned into the buckram in the correct position on each pleat.)

Fitting guide image 2 - hooks

2. If for any reason you need to reposition the hooks, ensure while re-pinning that the hooks are pinned into the buckram and not just the lining.

Fitting guide image 3 - rings

3. Make sure you have the correct number of rings on the pole and hang the hooks on the corresponding rings.

Pencil and tape measure

Toolkit Required

  • Tape measure
  • Pencil/Marker



WARNING: Young Children can strangle in the loop of pull cords, chains & tapes, and chains that operate window coverings. Please keep cords out of reach of young children.