Cabbages And Roses

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Not a month goes by without Cabbages & Roses featuring in one of the beautiful monthly interior publications. They have succeeded in combining the classic elegance of florals from the English country garden with a modern colour palette and beautiful linen base clothes.

Fabric & Co have been stocking Cabbages & Roses fabrics since 2010 and they remain one of our favourites.

Coming up Roses

Looking at Cabbages & Roses, with 2 shops in Japan, 2 in London and a Grade II listed HQ and fabric showroom in Chelsea, with a staff of 8 people, you'd find it hard to believe the fabric company was started at a kitchen table at the dawn of the millennium by Creative Director Christina Strutt.

The first fabric to come to life was the iconic Bees fabric. This laid the foundations for many more fabrics but also complimentary products in homeware and clothing. Now they have an ever increasing fabric range, design 2 fashion collections every year and a range of popular homeware.

Say It with Flowers

If you could take the essence of England and weave it into a fabric company you'd get Cabbages & Roses. Based in London they focus on producing a small collection of simple and beautiful fabrics, concentrating on floral, stripes and checked linen. Every Cabbages & Roses fabric never fails to evoke the feeling of the English countryside in any home, even a townhouse in the center of London.

As you can probably tell from their Bees fabric Cabbages & Roses like to inject a sense of humour into their products. They concentrate on providing quality and unique design whilst making sure all products are produced in an environmentally friendly manner and everyone in the production line gets a fair deal for their products or services.

Cabbage Patch Kids

Cababges & Roses founder Christina started out working in the confectionery department of Fortnum & Mason. She never intended to get into the fabric business, however working for Vogue Living and having friends constantly asking for her help with decorating led her into it.

Christina founded Cabbages & Roses with her friend Brigette Buchanan, with whom she had worked at Vogue. They both lived in the country and wanted to create the sort of fabric that they wanted in their own homes but could not find on the market. Brigette's daughter, Violet Buchanan, later joined the company and now works with Christina to design fabrics and other products.

Cabbages & Roses Values

They simply sell things that they love. Cabbages & Roses aim to provide unique and desirable clothes and fabrics that are not available elsewhere. They are careful with the way they produce products, ensuring that they treat everyone involved with respect and care. They try to make everything in England where possible and champion British made goods.